4 popular open source JavaScript frameworks for web development


JavaScript frameworks

Open source JavaScript frameworks have been responsible for the look, feel and shape of the web and mobile interfaces. Quite often they come under scanner and get rewarded for their unique approaches to development. Thus, we have here picked four open source frameworks that in the recent times almost became the buzz words for web developers all over the globe. To your surprise, these frameworks offer all that a developer requires. This is one reason that these frameworks even being rewarded by Bossie Awards in 2015.


Node.js is basically a JavaScript platform that is built on V8 JavaScript runtime of Google Chrome. It is all equipped to enable development of fast paced and highly scalable, web-based applications. Let us have a look at various benefits and other attributes of the framework.

Using a model which is not only event-driven but is also known for nonblocking I/O leaving no threads, Node.js makes least use of memory and CPU resources. A Node.js Web server, unlike other frameworks, can easily run just with a mere 512MB memory over a cloud and Docker container of 512MB.

Node.js is highly acclaimed framework over the web with more than 35,000 stars on GitHub and several thousand forks. It is backed by more than 600 contributors to date. Moreover, we have had an array of most successful Node.js apps so far.


AngularJS is a Model-View-Whatever (MVW) JavaScript AJAX framework.  With the extension for HTML markup, it allows dynamic views and easy data binding. Typically if one needs to build single page websites, AngularJS comes as an ideal solution. Let us have a look various attributes of this framework.

The MVW pattern can sound weird in the ears, but it refers inclusion of several patterns under just one name. This includes Model-View-Controller, Model-View-ViewModel, and Model-View-Presenter.

AngularJS is known for automatically syncing UI data. This allows easy structuring of the app and testing it whenever necessary with easy.

Further, AngularJS makes the browser learn a few important things like doing o dependency injection and inverting controls. It was first developed by Google and it is open source framework.

There is a robust AngularJS community with more than 1,200 contributors on GitHub, besides the repository of 40,000 stars and more than 18,000 forks till date.


ReactJS is an ideal JavaScript framework for developing mostly single-page apps. React has a specialty that it does not implement things with a model or controller. This helps developers utilise React with AngularJS to build apps. Notably, React pages are created to be rendered on either the server-side or on the client side. Let us have a look at some of the important attributes.

As a web-ready framework, ReactJS makes a combination of JavaScript and HTML within a single file. This combination allows easy HTML view while maintaining versatility.

React has become immensely popular for fast single page web-based app development and at present, the React repository on GitHub has more than 26,000 stars. The framework comes with robust native capability with React Native for native iOS controls. Similarly, ReactJS.Net even allows integration with ASP.Net and C#.


Ember.js is another single-page app development-friendly open source JavaScript framework. Based on the MVC pattern, it is presently one of the most popular and sought after JavaScript frameworks used to build single-page web apps. Let us have a look at various attributes of this framework.

The internals of Ember.js and majority of the codes while writing an app occurs in a run loop. This run loop which is used for batching and ordering ensures optimum efficiency.

Originally released in 2011, Ember.js makes performance glitch free just by scheduling tasks on specific queues. As per the priority, queues are processed in order and enables an easy to learn the platform.

Obviously, other frameworks may look equally deserving to make to our list here. But it is precisely the recognitions and awards offered to these frameworks led us to list them above.


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