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Linux update for AMD Polaris 12 in works

AMD Radeon

AMD Radeon

It appears that the Linux community is set to receive a native presence on the latest AMD Polaris 12 architecture. Ahead of any official confirmation, the existence of the Polaris 12 support has been spotted within the recent Linux version of AMD GPU drivers.

Users on Reddit have revealed the arrival of AMD Polaris 12 for Linux systems. What the code emerged in the driver support is apparently sharing some block limitations and the set code of Polaris 12.

“Of course that is Polaris 12, there is no point in making a faster, higher-end Polaris GPU right before Vega,” one of the users writes in a Reddit comment thread.

AMD Polar series is designed to meet the gaming needs of end consumers. While Polaris 11 was focused on eSports games, its overall performance was not as good as Polaris 11. So the probability of the Polaris 12 release does not mean better gaming performance either.

One of the users on Reddit spotted a list of six IDs, indicating Polaris 12 along with its various variants. The ashes of singularity have been benchmarked by 6980:00 and 699D:C5 IDs. Further, the 6980:00 was compared against GTX 1050 and GTX 1050Ti in GFXBench.

AMD uses two bases for iterating the version number. It can either be related to an older to a new version or based on the development of new processor. AMD Polaris 12 series could enhance the processor performance as well as focused on delivering low-power capacity when combined with mobile chips.



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