Microsoft upgrades Azure Blob Storage

microsoft azure

microsoft azure

Microsoft has increased the file size limit on its cloud object storage Azure Blob Storage. The solution now supports 4.77TB file size and comes with an enhanced data import/export feature.

The new file size limit opens a lot of opportunities for science researchers and customers with high storage needs. It also supports various test cases. Microsoft has tested a diverse range of scenarios like requirements of media companies, cancer research data and processing of 4K and 8K videos. However, the Redmond company has not changed the 50,000 block per Blob limit.

In addition to the increase in cloud object storage, Microsoft has enlarged the maximum supported block size to 100MB. The version of Blob also features Azure Import/Export service. You can transfer data using physical hard drive using a new Azure Portal Management Hub.

The Azure Portal can help you manage virtual arrays of StorSimple Virtual Device Series. This new technology uses hypervisor infrastructure. Also, there is support Server Message Block protocol and iSCSl for block level and file storage access. Microsoft additionally announced the plan of migrating Classic StorSimple portal to Azure to ensure seamless and minimal downtime.



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