GNOME Builder gets updated with improved Flatpak support

GNOME Builder

GNOME Builder

GNOME Builder, the open source IDE, has received the fourth maintenance update to version 3.22.4. The latest update majorly brings performance improvements and includes several bug fixes reported on v3.22.3.

The GNOME development team released the new version just three weeks after third point release. GNOME Builder 3.22.4 has better support for Flatpack packages as well as Meson build system. A significant change comes through the support for autotools.

Using the new offering, developers can clone and edit flatpack can be done just by adding “-m” command line. It can also be integrated with a number of compositors. Further, the parsing inside Flatpak runtimes can be done using libclang library. There are additionally some new ways to wider content in file selection.

GNOME has additionally tweaked the UI for project creation and value auto-completion. Apart from this, a few security leaks have been fixed in the latest version. The team has also patched known issues of cache eviction.

Besides, the updated GNOME Builder supports a new set of languages for translation. There are languages such as the Brazillian Portuguese, Spanish, Esperanto, Czech and German among others.

You can download the latest GNOME Builder version from a respective repository of your distribution. Its code is available for access on a GitHub repository.


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