AMD, Mentor Graphics design future of Linux-based embedded solutions

embedded solutions

embedded solutions

AMD has decided to expand its strategic partnership with electronics design automation developer Mentor Graphics to reinforce the vision for Linux-based embedded solutions.

As per the terms of the agreement, AMD and Mentor Graphics will enable developers with some customised embedded Linux developments. These will include Mentor Embedded Linux Lite, Sourcery CodeBench Lite and Mentor Embedded Linux.

While the Mentor Embedded Linux Lite allows developers to evaluate and prototype future embedded x86 processors without any charge, the Sourcery CodeBench Lite has GNU-based C/C++ development and debug tool chain to offer custom Linux target platform development at no cost. There is also Mentor Embedded Linux with commercial terms for project development and Eclipse-based Sourcery CodeBench development environment, data trace analysis and visualisation capabilities.

“AMD’s portfolio of innovative embedded solutions combined with Mentor’s long-standing leadership in open source software and tools, allows us to broaden our reach while effectively supporting a growing customer base, helping us to achieve continued success,” said Scot Morrison, general manager of platform business unit, Mentor Graphics Embedded System division.

Partnership aimed to offer open source tools to developers

Oregon-based Mentor Graphics originally partnered with AMD back in 2014. That partnership was aimed to provide open source tools for building, debugging, analysing and optimising embedded software.

AMD is the dedicatedly working to provide embedded ecosystem to developers with options to select an ideal platform for specific solutions. Also, the company is touted to be on the move to open up the closed ecosystem to its developer community and empower them to build new applications in different verticals.


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