Canonical expands Ubuntu knowledge with tutorials

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Ubuntu Tutorials

Canonical has released special tutorials for Ubuntu platform. This new development is an attempt by the open source company to keep the community interested for the most popular Linux distribution and help users gain practical experience in a particular domain.

As a large number of users are shifting to Ubuntu for its well-known development environment, Ubuntu Tutorials comes as a detailed guide. There are multiple tutorials to offer an in-depth topic-specific knowledge. In each of the tutorial listed on the Ubuntu Tutorials website, a plenty of content is available with a step-by-step process for developing on Ubuntu machines, servers and devices.

“Ubuntu tutorials are topic-specific walkthroughs, giving you a very practical experience in a particular domain. They are just like learning from pair programming except you can do it on your own!” Ubuntu developer Didier Roche writes in a blog post.

The tutorials through Ubuntu Tutorials are categorised on the basis of difficulty levels. You can even check the estimated completion time to plan precisely.

Offline support

Canonical has additionally built the listed tutorials using its snap technology to make them accessible even without an active Internet connection. There is a tutorial snap to give you the same content and the same technology that is available online, right on your system.

You just need to type $ snap install snap-codelabs in the terminal to access the tutorials on any snap system like Ubuntu desktop 16.04 LTS.

Contributions to expand tutorial coverage

Canonical wants interested developers to contribute back to its Tutorials project by enhancing the existing content as well as creating some new ones. You need to use a simple Google doc file with a straightforward syntax to make your tutorial published online. Moreover, the entire content through the Ubuntu Tutorials project is based on Google Codelab framework that has already been open sourced.


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