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CloudYuga debuts with a MOOC to teach you everything about containers


container fundamentals

As containers are becoming the next big thing in the world of application development, you must need to be aware of its basics before going out for a job interview or building your next application. Indian open source enthusiast Neependra Khare has launched his training and consulting startup CloudYuga to make things easier for you.

CloudYuga offers training and consultation on various container solutions such as Docker, Rkt and Kubernetes. The first MOOC that comes from CloudYuga is called Container Fundamentals, aiming to help participants build a foundation on container technologies by covering their history as well as building blocks and runtimes.

“The idea behind Container Fundamentals is to build an MOOC platform for container technology where one can learn everything about containers,” says Khare, who was a principal software engineer at Red Hat before establishing CloudYuga.

Container Fundamentals
Neependra Khare, founder and principal consultant, CloudYuga, sharing the knowledge of containers

The Container Fundamentals course funnel downs all the information related to containers. To deliver a hands-on experience to participants, CloudYuga has partnered with DigitalOcean. This partnership enables on-demand labs for each participant.

Instead of preferring an existing MOOC provider like Udemy, CloudYuga has built its own course platform to have complete control on training materials and student record.

“We wanted to have complete control of our training materials and students record. The course material will receive regular updates, and we would be interacting with students directly to get feedback and share information,” Khare says.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge about containers to join the MOOC. Basic Linux experience is fair enough.

Community support

Khare reveals that even with just one MOOC initially, CloudYuga has received “good amount of registrations” and community members are supporting the platform.

“Kudos to CloudYuga School for bringing self-paced learning platform for container enthusiasts to keep abreast of latest changes in the container space,” Docker captain Ajeet S Raina writes in a testimonial on the CloudYuga website.

You can join the Container Fundamentals from the CloudYuga website. It charges $99 for the complete course that includes video sessions and text tutorials. As an Open Source For You reader, you can apply “CYOSFU40” and get 40 percent off on each signup.



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