Google releases an open source library for 2D artists



Google has introduced a new tool to help 2D artists work better in 3D. Called Tilt Brush Toolkit, the open source library opens new ways for artists to do their work in VR.

The Tilt Brush Toolkit uses Python scripts and a Unity SDK to let you build your artistic pieces for movies, interactive stories, video games and music videos. It comes with the Tilt Brush app integration that works as an open source VR solution to create a virtual 3D space. The app includes drawing and painting tools like VR materials.

The Tilt Brush app is primarily designed for creating static images that can be filmed. The Tilt Brush Toolkit, on the other hand, is created to enable animation, sequencing and interactivity. This library has plenty of tools to bring narrative, interactive and immersive content.

You can test your brushing skills by accessing the Tilt Brush Toolkit code from GitHub.


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