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Linux 4.9 becomes next long-term supported kernel branch


Linux 4.9 long-term support

The Linux community has been pleased to receive Linux 4.9 as the next long-term kernel branch. The new support has made the Linux version the first open source platform to receive performance improvements and bug fixes until January 2019.

“Yes, 4.9 is the next long-term kernel. I have been saying that for a while, but somehow if it was not on the kernel.org website, no one believed me,” Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman writes in a Google+ post.

Kroah-Hartman originally revealed the long-term support back in August last year. However, the official kernel website has just now received the update and feature Linux 4.9 with “longterm” tag.

Before Linux 4.9, the version 4.4 of the open source kernel was the most recent long-term supported platform.

The Linux 4.9.4 is the latest release in the kernel series. This platform has support for AMD Radeon GPUs and a large number of driver updates.

Several GNU/Linux distributors are likely to offer individual updates to the long-term supported platform in the coming future. Meanwhile, if you are presently using Linux 4.8 on your system, you should download kernel 4.9 today.



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