Managed Kubernetes by Platform9 helps DevOps focus on solve business problems



Platform9, which is highly popular for its open source-as-a-service offerings, has launched the industry-first Managed Kubernetes service. This new development brings the ease of deploying Google’s Kubernetes and helps DevOps and IT teams focus on solving core business issues.

With its Managed Kubernetes, Platform9 believes that this is an infrastructure agnostic managed for of SaaS. Managed Kubernetes can be managed and deployed independently as a SaaS solution. Also, it supports across all platforms as well as on-premise and public cloud infrastructure.

“Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is a positive addition to the ecosystem in helping make Kubernetes run anywhere,” said David Aronchick, Kubernetes product manager at Google. “This illustrates the innovative and momentum from the thousands of contributors to the project that are moving Kubernetes forward as the standard for cloud-native and containerised applications.”

The Managed Kubernetes offering by Platform9 has a drastically simplified operational model. Moreover, this SaaS-managed service has made it easier for large development teams to work together efficiently.

According to Sirish Raghuram, CEO of Platform9, the Managed Kubernetes service by Platform9 reduces time-to-value for Kubernetes projects and offers more choice to work on any infrastructure, cloud, multiple clouds, and even on-premises.

“While enterprises will be running virtualised workloads on OpenStack for years to come, though, there is growing demand for platforms that offer a choice of virtualisation, microservices or both. Microservices, in particular, require a more intuitive, managed approach that reduces time-to-value for Kubernetes projects and works on any choice of infrastructure: on-premises, in the cloud or across multiple clouds,” said Raghuram.

Managed Kubernetes by Platform9 will indeed work for DevOps and IT teams. The ability to integrate across any infrastructure with access to micro services will ensure increased productivity of teams.

Fission as an open source alternative to AWS Lamba

Over last few years, Kubernetes has become a standard for container orchestration and microservices. However, the steep learning curve required to understand its use. Platform9 has additionally brought Fission, an open source framework built on Kubernetes, to simplify the learnings.

Fission is the open source alternative to AWS Lamba. It comes with a serverless interface to let DevOps and IT teams leverage Kubernetes and develop REST-based application backends as well as event-driven automation and custom application controllers.

Instead of AWS Lamba, Fission is designed to be run at any location where Kubernetes can run. This means that you can have its presence on your desktops, notebooks, datacentres and public clouds. Also, the latest development is available to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to get community inputs from various open source contributors. Fission is additionally claimed to accelerate time-to-utility for Kubernetes and make it easy for users to integrate other Kubernetes services.


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