Python 3.6 is here with new syntax upgrades

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Python 3.6

Python has received a new update. The updated programming language is aimed at making the language more productive for developers.

Debuted as Python 3.6, the open source programming language brings some important syntax features. You now have a new kind of string literals called f-strings. These literals replace the fields surrounded by curly braces {}. Further, the latest Python version allows you to use underscores (_) in numeric literals. A single underscore can be used between digits.

The update comes with an option to define asynchronous generators. Python 3.5 brought support for native coroutines and async / await syntax that has now been upgraded to let you define asynchronous generators within your snippet. Also, there is simpler customisation of class creation with the new _init_subclass_ class method.

Python has additionally received new library modules and performance improvements. There are also a plenty of security enhancements to deliver you a secure environment for developing some unique apps.

The version 3.6 of Python will be fully supported for the next 18 months, till the Python 3.7 release. It will also continue to receive security updates until the end of 2021.


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