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Best Linux distro

As compared with other computing platforms, Linux is much faster. The open source operating system works well without any freezing or slowing down and is designed to support a large number of users simultaneously. Another major benefit of Linux is that it is compatible with most of the hardware. For instance, the ROS operating system that used for coding and running robots is based on Linux. We can thus say that the future lies in the Linux world now.

Apart from the faster experience without any flaws and wider compatibility, Linux has an enormous number of distributions (or distros) that offer you a distinguished experience altogether. But chosing the perfect Linux distro for a particular project is difficult for most of its users.

So, let us hack into the best Linux distros that are made for you.


Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions that offers stunning performance and flexibility. It is also one of the best options to set up a server for your needs. There is nothing better than Debian OS which could do an efficient server management for you. This distribution is the standards when talking in terms of servers. Also, it is this most supported version of Linux. The Linux version will be supported for a long time. So you do not need to worry about changing the platform soon. Talking about its performance, the stability that Debian offers is exceptional. This stability of Debian had influenced many others to create a different os based upon it.


  • Stability
  • Cheap side for setting up a server
  • Long-term support
  • Much more control over the software you use


  • It tends to favour stability over new technologies
  • It has some hardware compatibility issues
  • No commercial support from the company

The multiple architectures and kernels which it provides and the fast and easy on memory system with reliable security system helps out to make it a perfect choice for you.


Kubuntu is built upon Ubuntu. Hence, it could be considered  to be as a stable branch of Ubuntu. As Ubuntu uses unity as its desktop environment, Kubuntu uses KDE. KDE is glossier, slicker, and can have things like 3D bouncing/stretching/exploding folders. It is on more of the side of looks with the power of what Ubuntu could deliver. Also, Kubuntu seems to be much faster and reliable considerable to ubuntu. Hence, it is incredible over that.

The elegant and the organised look of Kubuntu seeks the attention of users, and the stability it offers helps people to choose Kubuntu over other operating systems.


  • Modern and sleek design
  • Compatibility with old and different hardware
  • Highly customisable
  • Most advanced and powerful desktop environment


  • Software like KMail is quite complicated for average users

Kubuntu is best for you if you consider looks and design as a primary factor then this is one of the best you could find. The experience you get from Kubuntu is exceptionally great. It getting and arising in terms of its popularity and regarding its option of customisation.


Ubuntu is one of the most used and most used distros of Linux. It is basically build upon Debian. The distro packs with Unity desktop environment and its new releases are polished and optimised for a different type of systems.

Canonical’s Ubuntu still exists due to the slick design the newer releases provides. It also redefines the user’s choice over other aspects and works like a user-friendly alternative to Microsoft’s Windows.


  • One of the most secure operating systems
  • Simple, and unique
  • Easy to do your tasks
  • Designing for Mobile devices
  • Consistency


  • Lacks support
  • Absence of driver support
  • Poor graphical support

Simplicity and consistency over most of the things make Ubuntu as the best choice for you as it could solve your basic needs in time.


OpenSUSE is rather a general distro on Linux that takes care of the needs of both a new user as well as an experienced developer. It runs a program called YAST, which is an administration program that controls installations and package management. It is one of the famous Linux distros of this year as it had an impactful comeback this year. The company actually predates Linux king Red Hat.

OpenSUSE is perfect as a desktop OS and can effectively serve your server needs. The educational version openSUSE-EDU also satisfies the need of Linux users in search of educational software. Thus, this is an overall package.


  • Stability
  • Predictability
  • Wonderful community to help you throughout


  • Proprietary software does not come packaged for OpenSUSE
  • Relies much more on external sources

If you are looking for an OS which would satisfy your need as a user and a developer, OpenSUSE is the one for you. Moreover, the stability and the predictability that you gets from OpenSUSE is highly notable.


For advanced Linux users, ArchLinux is the best available in town. ArchLinux is a simple and clean distro. The particular thing which should be mentioned is that the distro receives a new version release in every six-month’s time frame. ArchLinux is not for novice users, but it has great support and documentation which could be of help. Also, with the vibrant community, you could rewrite your wish list of tasks perfectly.

Arch Linux will promote you to learn each bit of Linux as you have to build each piece which in turn develops the patience of the newcomers. One of the best things about Arch Linux is that most of the best software are available.


  • Optimised
  • Fully customisable
  • Up-to-date packages
  • Perfect to learn Linux on it
  • Awesome documentations
  • More transparent


  • No fancy stuffs
  • Frequent update can sometimes break things

If you are a core developer, then nothing stops you from using the bleeding-edge software like ArchLinux. Further, if you want to learn how Linux works, then again this distro is specifically made for you.


  1. “The particular thing which should be mentioned is that (Arch Linux) receives a new version release in every six-month’s time frame.” Where did you hear this? Arch is a rolling release distro with no version releases.


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