Tizen gets Android Nougat flavour

Android Nougat

Android Nougat on Tizen

Samsung has released an app launcher for Tizen smartphones that brings a flavour of Android Nougat. The new Nougat Launcher brings a number of customisation options to Tizen users.

Called Nougat Launcher, the new app offers the latest Android UI on Tizen platform. The Launcher customises and puts the most used applications on your smartphone’s homescreen. There is also a search bar to help you search for installed apps, and by pressing the left soft key, you can view all the latest apps.

Due to limitations of Tizen, you cannot add new apps on the homescreen or even replace already placed apps.

The Android Nougat Launcher app may not be as good as launcher apps available for Android. However, it still brings most of interface tweaks and features that were missing on Tizen OS.

Poland-based Slawomir Musial has developed the Nougat Launch app. It is available for free download on the official Tizen Store and compatible with devices like Z1, Z2 and Z3.


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