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Linux kernel 4.10.5 brings networking improvements


Linux 4.10.5 release

Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has just released fifth maintenance update to Linux kernel 4.10 series. Linux kernel 4.10.5 is a minor update but brings various networking improvements.

The latest Linux update brings a total of 69 file changes, 587 insertions and 268 deletions. Most of these changes are in various networking drivers and core networking. The new release also improves the support for Intel chipsets and hardware architectures.

Some of the noticeable changes in Linux kernel 4.10.5 include the updated netwobrings a total of 69 file changes, 587 insertions and 268 deletions.rking stack, improvements to Bridge, IPv4, IPv6, L2TP, Open vSwitch, SCTP, packet scheduler and STRParser. The new kernel also brings improved Ethernet drivers for amd-xgbe. Moreover, the kernel maintainer has worked on adding support for Intel i915 driver and bringing improvements to x86, ARM64 and PowerPC hardware architectures.

If you are using the GNU/Linux distribution, it is recommended to update to the latest version 4.10.5 as soon as the patch hits respective repository. The update git tree is published on the kernel.org website.


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