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Npm Orgs team collaboration software becomes free for open source developers

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Npm Inc, the parent company of Node.js, has announced to make its developer collaboration tool free for open source projects. The tool called Orgs is popular among JavaScript and Node.js developers.

The free version is only available for open source projects. But those using Orgs for private packages still need to prefer the premium subscription for $7 per month/per user.

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Npm has decided to offer the free version to mainly support the development in open source.

“Making it easier to collaborate on open source projects benefits the whole community, because anythinig that reduces friction in software development makes it easier for everyone to build amazing things,” said Isaac Z Schlueter, CEO of Npm, in a statement.

Using the latest development, open source teams can use advance capabilities like role-based access control, package search and semantic versioning for free. Npm can simplify the particular kind of dependency between two software packages or modules in any project. Furthermore, Orgs can help users share and manage code packages among team members.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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