Raspberry Pi smartwatch brings Windows 98 to open source world

Windows 98 running Raspberry Pi smartwatch

Windows 98 running Raspberry Pi smartwatch

While Microsoft has no plans to release the code of its Windows platform, Raspberry Pi is bridging the gap between the proprietary and open source world through a smartwatch prototype.

A blogger at 314creator has designed a smartwatch project using a Raspberry Pi A+ that runs on Windows 98. The prototype has virtual machine software QEMU that enables Windows experience. For inputs, there is a 2.4-inch touchscreen panel.

The very initial model of the Raspberry Pi smartwatch was not performing shutdowns through the display panel. However, the buttons code has been tweaked to enable the basic functionality.

Windows 98 is not in use by desktop users for a long time. Microsoft even ended its official support for the platform back in July 2006. But it is the open source essence within Raspberry Pi that has brought the dated version back to life.


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