Why should you need to transform your PSD content into HTML code

Converting PSD to HTML

Converting PSD to HTML

Designing a website that adapts to the screen size and platform and makes the user journey simple and entertained on the website is an important parameter you need to acquire for strengthening success on the Web. PSD to HTML conversion is one of the best ways to design websites that are high on visuality as well as functionality. The process of conversion requires relevant skills and knowledge and needs to be executed by an expert so as to offer result-oriented and as expected results. Before proceeding ahead, let us understand what PSD files are actually about.

PSD or Photoshop documents are often used to create a web design that may lead to the non-compatibility of a website with different browsers. On the other hand, HTML code is readable by all the available browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome. This is what makes it a better choice. The process of conversion takes time and needs profound knowledge and excellent coding skills. But it is vital as PSD documents fail to deliver expected outcomes as they are non-existent on the web search tools as well.

Is it a good idea to convert PSD to HTML?

During the conversion process, PSD files are cut and hand coded splendidly to give an exuberant look to them. But why do week need to look for the transformation?

Brings greater traffic from search engines

Coding once done in the right ways allow you to get websites that are error-free and outwardly captivating. The transformation of a PSD into HTML is clear and semantic. It ensures that the outline of the site is absolutely issueless and straightforward on the eyes. This conversion guarantees a semantically coded website. It structures your content in an organised manner.

The converted code helps improve the ranking of the website across major search engines. Moreover, the web crawlers easily understand the short semantic codes of websites, which, in turn, leads to faster loads and ranking on top searches.

Flexible SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an effective process that allows ranking of websites on top searches based on keyword, meta tags and descriptions among others. Better ranking can only be generated if SEO experts implement changes to the site like stuffing important keywords, removing any kind of errors and so on. However, editing PSD files take loads of time as compared to HTML files, This is one reason that adds weight to transforming PSD into HTML.

Viral reach

Once the process of PSD to HTML conversion is done, the new sites will automatically get a new life and get indexed by Google. All this helps in enhances reachability of the website amongst users and increases the flow of leads.

Multiple browser compatibility

Web pages developed using HTML are often more readable than the ones with PSD files. The pages also support browsers on a vast scale — starting from Opera to Firefox and Chrome and other majorly used browsers. This cross-browser compatibility leads to seamless access.

Integration with other platforms

PSD to HTML conversion can be integrated with other platforms at ease. Whether the motive is to install some smart features or add some extra functionalities, each type of activity can be performed in conversion services.

Compliant with W3C standards

The best quality PSD to HTML conversion ensures following the standard norms that are being stated under the W3C consortium. After slicing, designing, coding and developing the website, you get not only smooth validation but also receive optimized HTML solution. This is why W3C validation relies strictly on HTML languages.

PSD to HTML transformation empowers businesses with a site that has an exceptionally instinctive UI. A corporate web interface could be acquired through well semantic coding. It is primarily seen as the standard ways to a proficient and savvy business entrance.

Categorised under the authorised conversion process of static PSD files into dynamic HTML codes, the conversion process can definitely reap long-term benefits.

Top mistakes to avoid during PSD to HTML conversion

Despite being knowledgeable enough about the technology, experts fail to design error-free and validated web solutions. These failed attempts are the mistakes that are made during the conversion process.

Mistakes while converting PSD to HTML

The conversion needs to be skillfully done under the supervision of experts by utilising the latest tools. Any mistake made at the time can result in long-lasting bad effects for the business as well as the site. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, you need to look for ways that can help you avoid them in the future.

So, here is a quick list of what not to do when converting PSD to HTML:

Inline CSS

Bundling HTML coding with unnecessary CSS should not be done. You need to have separate files for the CSS and fetch commands in HTML. DOCTYPE should be specified correctly as it helps browser display the site properly.

Closing of tags

Just by failing to close the tag at the wrong place could lead to site inaccessibility. This is a severe mistake that needs to be taken care of in order to improve accessibility and usability. Most developers who are inexperienced do not close tags that need to be closed properly either by adding a closing tag at the end or placing closing slash in the end.

Missing out special character codes

Special characters should be used in small numbers because there might be possibilities when search engines fail to read them.

Not having ALT as an attribute

If conversion does not have image tag with ALT, your web design might not function properly.

So in a nutshell, it is important to look for a professional and reliable PSD to HTML conversion provider to design an attractive website. Without the right conversion, search engines will not be able to index your website, thereby making it difficult for customers to find you on the Web.

Remember, behind every elegantly designed and functional website, there is a lot that goes behind the scene. The overall success of a business depends on the factors that affect the performance of your website. No matter, how challenging it is, you should definitely invest your time in understanding the dynamics involved so as to make the right choices.



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