Atom text editor gets Docks to deliver faster experience

Atom text editor


GitHub has upgraded its open source hackable text editor Atom with an all new feature called Docks. The new development is a part of the Atom 1.17 beta.

As an easy-to-toggle panel on the existing pane system of Atom, Docks provides tool panels such as the tree view, debugger controls, terminals, consoles and regex railroad diagrams. It gives a way to users to control how the different panels are arranged. Also, there are options to split and resize the panes within different docks to easily edit the text.

Atom Docks
Atom 1.17 beta with Docks

Developers can additionally utilise the advanced functionality of Docks and coherently share the screen. The beta version has the tree-view as the default Atom UI that uses Docks. However, package authors would add more tool panels in the future.

“Docks are an extension of Atom’s pane system designed to hold interface elements that you want to quickly toggle into and out of view,” GitHub’s Andrea Liliana Griffiths writes in a blog post.

No more jQuery

Apart from Docks, Atom 1.17 is touted to deliver faster window startup times through V8 custom snapshots and abandons jQuery completely as a dependency of bundled packages. The removal of jQuery will improve the performance by avoiding some forced reflows during DOM manipulation.

Final release with special focus on macOS

Alongside the Atom 1.17 beta build, GitHub’s team has launched the final Atom 1.16 release. The new Atom version has two macOS title bar options that help to provide an extra space of 22 pixels.

Atom 1.16 also comes preloaded with improved project search function. The latest version displays project search results by only rendering visible DOM nodes.


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