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Atom text editor is getting converted into Atom IDE

Atom, the popular text editor for developers, is getting converted into a full-fledged development environment. GitHub has already initiated the process by launching an...

Atom 1.19 text editor gets official with enhanced responsiveness

Atom developer has announced the release of its next version of text editor. Debuted as Atom 1.19, the new open source text editor update...

GitHub gets integrated with Atom editor

  Atom, which is a popular open source editor, has received a new update that brings a native GitHub integration. The latest move is aimed...

Atom text editor gets Docks to deliver faster experience

  GitHub has upgraded its open source hackable text editor Atom with an all new feature called Docks. The new development is a part of...

Facebook open sources its Atom tool

Facebook has released the code of its native Atom-based tool called Atom in Orbit. The latest development is aimed to provide developers a remote...


In this month's column, we continue our discussion of binary instrumentation tools, and look at a few popular dynamic instrumentation frameworks. Last month, we had...