Google brings extensive Java 8 support to Android Studio

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To make mobile apps smarter, Google has planned a major update to its Android Studio. The search giant has announced Android Studio 2.4 Preview 6 ahead of its final release that includes Java 8 language features.

“For those of you who tried the Jack compiler, we now support the same set of Java 8 language features but with faster build speed,” said James Lau, product manager of Android Studio.

The Gradle plugin for Android Studio has translated Java 8 class files into Java 7-compatible class files to let you use advanced features such as lambdas and method references. Also, you can use the built-in Java 8 language features with the tools that work with bytecode and libraries written in the latest Java version.

“It is easy to try using Java 8 language features in your Android project,” Lau acclaimed.

You just need to download Android Studio 2.4 Preview 6 and update your project’s target and source compatibility to Java version 1.8 to get the latest experience.

First surfaced on Preview 4

It is worth noting that while a large number of Java 8 language features are debuted on the latest Android Studio, Java 8 desugaring was debuted right in its fourth preview release. However, the new development has brought bug fixes and performance improvements alongside some new features to upgrade the existing experience.


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