Microsoft fixes OneDrive performance issue on Linux

Microsoft OneDriveMicrosoft OneDrive


Microsoft has finally fixed the infamous OneDrive performance issue that was largely reported by Linux users. The slowed access to OneDrive on Linux-based distros had downgraded experience for many users on the open source platform.

The performance issue was due to a forced Windows user-agent string on Chrome and Firefox based browsers on Linux. Users even considered that Microsoft is purposefully doing this to cause performance hiccups for Linux users.

Microsoft has responded to a thread in Hacker News announcing the fix. According to Edgar Hernandez from the OneDrive team, the StaticLoad.aspx page that prefetches resources in the background for Office apps was a less efficient technique causing the mentioned issue. He also states that the issue was not intentional.

“The prefetching optimization was disabled, and it will be enabled again soon after an update for StaticLoad.aspx has been tested on Linux and released. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused,” Hernandez writes.

Alongside announcing the fix, Hernandez promises thorough Linux testing in future. The Redmond company apparently wants to make sure that OneDrive is a productive service for as many users as possible.


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