Reliance Jio joins Linux Foundation’s ONAP project

Reliance Jio


Reliance Jio has partnered with AT&T and the Linux Foundation to join the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP). The company has joined the ONAP project as a platinum member.

Reliance Jio, the subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, has big plans to involve open source communities through ONAP. The open source project supported by the Linux Foundation has industry leader companies from North America, Europe and Asia.

The platinum membership on ONAP will help Reliance Jio to tap into the global reach of the community. Further, the operator wants to contribute towards the framework of telecommunication and cloud-centric digital platform through this collaboration with ONAP.

In addition to the deal with the Linux Foundation, Reliance Jio is set to heavily benefit from AT&T’s advanced technology. AT&T is notably also a platinum member of the ONAP project.

Reliance is networking with advanced telecoms around the world to improve Jio technology. The platinum membership at ONAP and the partnership with AT&T are likely to accelerate its efforts.

“By working with AT&T, The Linux Foundation and other ONAP members, we look forward to contributing towards a fundamental shift in the framework of telecommunications to a cloud-centric digital platform that developers, partners and customers alike can shape to deliver value,” said Mathew Oommen, president, Reliance Jio, in a statement.

Reliance Jio is claimed to be the only 4G LTE telecom that has developed mobile video network from the ground up in India. The telecom network is built using voice over LTE technology.


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