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Top 4 skills that affect a Java developer’s salary



Being a Java developer is an achievement, and all the developers who have worked hard to be what they are will vouch for this. As a developer, we often face challenging situations which involve getting stuck in development or incorporating a complex functionality. But Java developers are fighters and know all the moves to accomplish their goal.

Besides the on-the-job challenges, developers also have to continuously work on their skills to keep up with the trends and developments in the field. Here, we bring you a list of top four skills that a Java developer should have to be proficient in to get a good six figure salary.

Platform knowledge

This is a vast area but being familiar about what all exists is important. Some employers might ask for only J2EE, whereas some might require you to have knowledge in Linux and UNIX platforms altogether. Having knowledge does not mean that you should become an expert in everything which is practically impossible in a domain like Java. So even if you have intermediate knowledge and a strong willingness to learn, you will be able to get through an interview.

Versatility in programming languages

As a Java developer, proficiency in Java is a must. But knowing more than one programming language can affect your salary bracket. The employers often prefer developers who are familiar with C#, JavaScript, Python and Ruby among others. The intent is to show the employers that your talent can be used across multiple projects.

Familiarity with database management systems

Using database management systems (DBMS) in development is important. Therefore, a good developer is expected to be familiar with the options out there. You should acquaint yourself with offerings like Oracle, MongoDB and MySQL. In this arena, Oracle is often the most preferred DBMS because it helps in managing content which is often the required purpose.

Individual presence

This is what makes you stand out. The way you interact, handle challenges and resolve errors are unique to you. Someone might get the skills but your way of communication can help you crack interviews and build great relations at work. You certainly need to learn to communicate to tell the interviewer about the talents you possess and the better you are at that, the better your chances are being selected for a higher package.

The skills mentioned above will make you enter the list of seasoned Java developers who are valued in the organisations and sought after by companies. A good Java developer never ceases to learn and is constantly keeping himself or herself updated with the developments in the industry and new releases. The constant surge is time-consuming; but at the same time, it is rewarding.

If you are a Java developers or an employer looking for a Java developer, then do let us know what skills have you acquired or what skills do you look for while hiring in the comment section below. Sharing your learnings and experiences will help others learn and grow.


  1. Hi Joseph, I really enjoyed your article. I’ve been doing some research around this – especially around Java developer salaries – and came across this salary survey from Pearson Frank: https://www.pearsonfrank.com/java-php-salary-survey

    In the survey they say the top five certifications for web developers are (snipped from their report): https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/07442a4cbb65c59cfc5494dad2130b662740618f452b99099432f4c1a6305188.png

    Just wondering what your thoughts on certification are and whether you think they can influence salary?

  2. As my point of view its totally depend how well you have command on the programming also the new technology knowledge and its implemention.

  3. I think It depends on a lot of factors & location is one of them that affects Java developer salary. Another very important factor we need to know is the work experience. It all depends on the knowledge and experience the programmer has and Thanks for sharing the article.


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