KDE Plasma 5.10 gets official with support for Snaps and Flatpaks

KDE Plasma 5.10


The anticipated KDE Plasma 5.10 desktop environment has finally been announced. The latest version lets you install Snaps and Flatpaks to deliver an upgraded experience.

With the new support, KDE Plasma 5.10 allows you to install Snaps and Flatpaks using Plasma Discover graphical package manager. This advanced feature works well with GNOME ODRS (open desktop rating service).

Easy selection of booth screen splashes

The new KDE Plasma makes it easy to select Plymouth boot screen splashes and includes new configuration options within the System Settings module. Similarly, the Task Manager has received an update. There are also some minor improvements in the available Wayland support and touchscreen feedback.

KDE 5.9 recently reached end of its life with the debut of KDE Plasma 5.9.5. Therefore, the new version has arrived. There are revamped UI features such as spring loading and a unified drop menu to provide users with a fresh look and feel.

You can download the first beta of latest KDE Plasma desktop environment directly from its official website. However, the final release will be rolled by end of this month.


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