Canonical adds 7-zip support to Snapcraft

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak


Canonical has released a new update to its Snappy packaging tool for Ubuntu. Called SnapCraft 2.30, the new release is a major update that brings support for 7-zip files along with numerous improvements.

Just a month after the release of Snapcraft 2.29, the Ubuntu maker has now come up with the new Snapcraft. The company has added all the missed out functions and requested changes based on the community’s feedback within the latest release. The one major noticeable change is certainly the 7-zip support.

You can directly run files with .7z extensions. If not, you can set source-type to 7z to run your files on the Snappy tool.

Additionally, Snapcraft 2.30 brings a revamped command-line interface (CLI) that offers much cleaner UI for users. The new version has also enabled a cleanbuild which works while using :arch syntax in build-package and stage-package.

Container support extended

The fresh Snapcraft version lets you use any of the snapcraft build commands to work with a container assigned to your project. It is worth noting here that the preliminary support to have a container assigned per project is still hidden by the feature flag SNAPCRAFT_CONTAINER_BUILDS.

Further, Snapcraft 2.30 comes with asset recording feature. Users can track the details of a snap and even rebuild a snap using the new feature. If SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_INFO is set in the environment, users can rebuild a snap. There is also a new meson plugin which adds support for Meson build system.

The latest version of Snapcraft 2.30 will soon be available for your Ubuntu distribution. Meanwhile, the source tarball related to the latest development is featured in its GitHub repository.


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