Canonical brings Kubernetes 1.6.2 support to Ubuntu and macOS



Canonical has announced the support for Kubernetes 1.6.2. The latest development is designed specifically for the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes and the Kubernetes Charms.

Through the latest release, Canonical has importantly improved the Kubernetes Charms and brought support for Snaps to the kubernetes-e2e charm. Kubernetes-master layer has also received a newly added namespace-{list, create, delete} actions. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform is enabled with the addition of clifs-utils package in kubernetes-worker.

“This is the pure upstream distribution of Kubernetes, built with operators in mind,” Canonical Engineering Manager Marco Ceppi writes in the official release note.

The operator-centric release allows operators to deploy, manage and operate Kubernetes on a public cloud, on-premise, bare metal and developer systems. There are also bug fixes and patches to deliver an improved operational experience.

Enhanced performance

Alongside the fixes, Canonical has enhanced the Kubernetes performance through a fresh juju status update. There is also an added option of “-delete-local-data” to pause. Besides, the new Kubernetes version brings updated readme files in the kubernetes-master.

You can easily update your Kubernetes installation to the latest version by running following a set of commands in the Linux terminal emulator.

"sudo snap install conjure-up --classic
conjure-up kubernetes"

For installation on a macOS, you can drive in with the following snippet.

"brew install conjure-up
conjure-up kubernetes"

You need to configure the credentials of the type of deployment cloud during installation. Canonical has also constructed specific guidelines to enable the deployments of the latest Kubernetes release to local containers.



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