GitHub open sources its DNS records management tool



GitHub has open sourced its tool for managing DNS records. Called OctoDNS, the new development brings notable features that make it easier to create redundancy.

DNS systems have become critical focus by cyber attackers from last year. Therefore, GitHub developed OctoDNS and started using its presence internally ahead of the open source availability.

GitHub has leveraged OctoDNS to keep all its records across the various domains in sync with multiple providers. If a DNS provider has an issue, there is an alternate DNS to serve user requests. This gives a reason to the code-sharing platform to use the tool for numerous domain.

“OctoDNS has allowed us to revamp our DNS workflow. Our zones and records are laid out in config files stored in a Git repo,” GitHub’s infrastructure engineer Ross McFarland said in a statement.

The open source availability of OctoDNS allows anyone to submit pull requests to make changes in any zones and records. If a team member knows the name that he wants, he can directly enter the URL and make the appropriate changes in any particular file. Previously, you were required to make such changes manually.

GitHub’s OctoDNS supports commercial providers such as Cloudflare, Dynect, DNSimple, PowerDNS and Route53. You can also manually select sources and providers from the available directories on the GitHub repository.


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