Linux Foundation develops EdgeX Foundry to standardise IoT



The Linux Foundation and 50 other companies are all set to standardise Internet of Things (IoT) with its EdgeX Foundry. The new project unifies the marketplace around a new common open framework and builds an ecosystem of companies with interoperable plug-and-play components.

Security has been a massively discussed issue with all IoT projects. The Linux Foundation-backed EdgeX Foundry is aimed to secure the experience by standardising the IoT edge computing model. The new move also fulfills the growing demand of the industry IoT that has been fragmented and suffers slower growth due to the lack of a common framework.

“EdgeX Foundry is aligning market leaders around a common framework, which will drive IoT adoption and enable businesses to focus on developing innovative use cases that impact the bottom line,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director, The Linux Foundation.

The EdgeX development is touted to solve the complexity and IoT’s widen components range by simplifying the creation of IoT edge solutions. Using interoperable plug-and-play components, the framework eases IoT creations for developers. The built-in components can run on any hardware or operating system.

The interoperability between connected devices, services and applications simplifies the creation of IoT projects. Moreover, the open source access brings a dynamic nature to the latest project to let end customers adapt the changing business needs.

Dell as an initial partner

Dell is helping EdgeX Foundry with early stage FUSE source code under Apache 2.0. The FUSE project is a layer builder between messaging protocols use dby sensor network and cloud server layers.

The contribution by Dell contains over 125,000 lines of code and a widening number of microservice integration. Further, organisations like Advance Micro Devices, Bayshore Networks, Linaro, Dell, Canonical, VMware, NetFoundry are the founding members of The EdgeX Foundry.


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