Google launches a home for its open source projects



Google has launched a new website for its open source projects. As a unified presence, the website bundles all the major open source initiatives by the search giant.

The website showcases Google’s entire contribution to open source. It has listed more than 2,000 community-centric projects that include Android, Chromium and Go among various other popular offerings. Moreover, the company has published an internal documentation alongside the projects to showcase how it open source its developments.

“The new site showcases the breadth and depth of our love for open source. It will contain the expected things: our programs, organisations we support and a comprehensive list of open source projects we have released,” writes Will Norris of open source programs office at Google, in a blog post.

Stack available under one roof

While Google has been quite active on GitHub, some of its major repositories are still being maintained on its servers. Therefore, the company has now planned to unify the entire stack under one roof and utilised the new website as the home for all of its open source developments.

Projects listed on the online warehouse by Google are available under Creative Commons License. Apart from the popular projects, the site includes projects on deep learning, AI-fuelled music and Magenta.


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