IBM develops a platform to bring open source databases to private cloud



IBM has announced the development of its new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) toolkit for its Power Systems. Called the Open DBaaS Platform, the new offering is optimised specifically to bring popular open source database services to the private cloud.

The Open DBaaS Platform makes open source cloud services more accessible on private cloud deployments using a self-service portal. It runs on IBM OpenPOWER LC servers and supports databases such as MongoDB, EDB PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and Redis among others. Furthermore, there are features like an elastic cloud infrastructure, disk image builder tool, disk image builder tool and a disk image builder tool to enhance the experience.

Build on top of OpenStack, the DBaaS toolkit offers a new support model for open source databases. It helps admins to deploy the service of their choice via a self-service portal.

Comes with 1.8x advantage

IBM claims that the DBaaS toolkit offers a 1.8x advantage in terms of performance and price compared to x86 for EDB PostgreSQL and MongoDB. The toolkit is also touted to make it easier for organisations to deploy right infrastructure that is compliant with all policies.


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