Top 7 tips to succeed in WordPress development


Undoubtedly, WordPress is one of the most surprising content management systems. Nothing can take its place. It has also evolved into one of the widely used CMSs all over the world. As of 2014, more than 74.6 million sites were depending on WordPress. But it is not the only reason behind the popularity of WordPress.

WordPress is popular because of its usability and trouble-free development environment that a PHP developer can easily handle.

Tips to succeed in WordPress development

A successful WordPress development professional knows how to efficiently handle the workflow. He or she understands the core of software and also that how to do a proper implementation of things.

Optimise the flow of work

Do you know what makes a WordPress Developer successful? It is how efficiently and effectively he or she handles the flow of a WordPress website development project. The CMS is based on PHP and requires the proper attention of developers to details and to attain the ability to optimise the flow of work. Successful WordPress developers always keep improving the flow of their work by using best of the tools of testing and automating the development process.

Let me share an example in which a coder, Awakekat, from the United States, has total stream time of 716 hours on Livecoding. Her streaming shows her efficiency and that how she uses tools to optimise the flow of work. So new developers also need to experiment with environment to find a way to flawlessly conclude the work.

Learn about WordPress core

The next thing to succeed in WordPress is that you stay informed about what you are working on. It is all about understanding the core in deep which will provide you with unlimited powers to handle WordPress projects and make desired customisations.

Learning the core is necessary for all who want to become a successful WordPress Developer. Start with initials and then move to dig into complexities. It is the only way you can learn not only about WordPress but about other technologies, too.

Understand the WordPress ecosystem

You will need learning everything about the WordPress ecosystem. There are free things and paid ones. Both themes and plugins are available for free and paid. As expert developers suggest, it is good to go with paid themes and plugins as they are almost complete in themselves and require little time in their development.

Get familiar with WordPress debugging

In every programming, debugging is the most essential part and so is the case with WordPress. Developers start with official debug guide on WordPress codex. But if you need making things easier, you can move to debug tools.

Follow best practices and guidelines

Like any other software development technology, WordPress too has its coding standards that help everyone getting started with its development. Those who adopt these guidelines and practices know where they are heading with a particular project. By following these practices and coding standard, it is easy for developers to keep a code clear and up-to-date.

Start learning JavaScript

Expert developers know that WordPress is not the good implementation of PHP but anyhow, it works. There are shackles which can only be removed by JavaScript so that the CMS can become ready for future. Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, has already said to WP developers to thoroughly learn JavaScript. It implicates that WordPress would fully move towards JavaScript. In fact, the CMS is already using JavaScript for the purposes of front-end.

Learn React.js

React.js is gradually moving to WordPress, and no doubt it can improve the CMS for the better. Some developers now cleverly utilise REST API to create simple versions of some complex WordPress themes. When experiencing any limitations, they utilise third-party plugins to draw menu and other elements in their themes. However, REST API proves to be the saviour for the open source platform.


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