Debian 9 ‘Stretch’ arriving next week with new digital forensics packages

Debian 9 'Stretch' digital forensics packages


Debian 9 ‘Stretch’ has been scheduled to be released on June 17 along with new digital forensics packages. The new offerings make the upcoming Debian build a perfect open source solution for forensics teams.

Among the important new packages, bruteforce-salted-openssl is proposed to help users find the passphrase for OpenSSL encrypted files. The Debian Stretch will also bring a custom word list generator along with the cewl package. Further, Disklocker tool on the new Debian has been tweaked to enable read/write of encrypted BitLocker volume.

Specifically for digital forensics teams, Debian Stretch has a date and time library and a Windows Registry library. The new build will include Digital Forensics Virtual File System, Debian Forensics Environment and a Forensics Environments with some additional console components.

The Debian Forensics team has designed the new packages natively to expand the presence of the open source platform. In addition to forensics-focused solutions, Debian 9.0 Stretch will include components such as X.Org Server 1.19.2, GCC 6.3.0 and systemd 232. The build also gets power through Linux 4.9 LTS kernel.


    • Debian 9 has gnome 3.22 which comes with Wayland as default on fedora 25 but there are a lot of problems with some applications. Definitely not good enough for Debian standards of stability

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