Facebook eases Adobe Creative Cloud management through an open source tool

Facebook develops Adobe Creative Cloud tool


Facebook has released the open source version of its internal IT management tool that will help enterprises access and manage Adobe Creative Cloud suite. The new development is aimed to enhance the IT team’s productivity of enterprise users by offering a script to manage various Creative Cloud services.

As TechCrunch reports, Facebook has decided to open source its IT management tool to provide a solution to a wide audience that uses Adobe Creative Cloud tools. Developers can call the script to let enterprise organisations add new accounts in their Adobe subscription. It also provides a room for user management where enterprises can check with the entities with federated IDs.

Facebook’s client platform engineer Nick McSpadden states that Adobe itself is quite excited to see this tool going open source. However, it is worth noting that there is nothing Facebook-specific about the tool. Any large-size enterprise organisation can use this tool.

You can check the latest IT management tool by accessing its GitHub repository. The Python-based code along with its documentation is also available online to facilitate its deployment.


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