Google Chrome gets a twist of Material Design



Google has released version 59 of its Chrome browser with a pinch of Material Design flavour. The latest development has hit the stable channel for desktop.

Chrome 59 includes an upgraded settings panel that features Material Design inputs. There is an all-new interface for native notifications on Mac. Also, the newest version has animated PNG support.

Apart from the interface changes, the new Chrome version has a Headless Chromium that offers a command-line mode for developers and server administrators. This new addition helps to provide a command-line interface instead of a graphical UI for testing web apps.

Security fixes

The latest Chrome brings 28 new security fixes. Google had paid plenty of bug bounties to external researchers for reporting the bugs. Moreover, five out of the new security fix package are flagged were critical.

Google has also brought a beta release channel for mobile platforms. There is an upgraded Omnibox that lists URLs which are recently copied by the user. The feature is designed to help users directly go to the copied URL instead of hitting the paste option in the URL bar.

While the beta release for mobile platforms is yet to be available for the public, you can download the Chrome 59 release on your desktop to experience the latest Material Design efforts. The new version is available for Linux as well as Windows and Mac devices.


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