Google releases open source platform Spinnaker 1.0



Google has released the v1.0 of Spinnaker. The new open source tool is designed for the multi-cloud continuous delivery platform.

The search giant started working on Spinnaker back in November 2015 along with Netflix. The tool was aimed to offer large companies fast, secure and repeatable production deployments. It has so far been used by organisations like Microsoft, Netflix, Waze, Target and Oracle.

The Spinnaker version 1.0 comes with a rich UI dashboard and enables the ability to install the tool on premise, local infrastructure and cloud. You can run it from a virtual machine as well as using Kubernetes. The platform can be integrated with workflows like Git, Docker registries, Travis CI and pipelines. Furthermore, the platform can be used for best-practice deployment strategies as well.

“With Spinnaker, you simply choose the deployment strategy you want to use for each environment, e.g. red/black for staging, rolling red/black for production, and it orchestrates the dozens of steps necessary under-the-hood,” said Christopher Sanson, the product manager for Google Cloud Platform.

Extensive support in the pipeline

Google has well-optimised Spinnaker 1.0 for Google Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure. Moreover, the company has even planned to add support for Oracle Bare Metal and DC/OS in upcoming releases.


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