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‘Open source development at Google is both very diverse and distributed’

Everyone knows that Google is a leader in the open source world. But what is it that makes it a distinct player in the...

Google releases open source platform Spinnaker 1.0

  Google has released the v1.0 of Spinnaker. The new open source tool is designed for the multi-cloud continuous delivery platform. The search giant started working...

Google launches a home for its open source projects

  Google has launched a new website for its open source projects. As a unified presence, the website bundles all the major open source initiatives...

Google develops open source solution to enable secure communications

In a move likely to support encryption on the Web, Google has released its open source tool called Key Transparency. The prototype is designed...

Google highlights most popular open source projects through report card

Google has released a report card to highlight its most popular open source projects. The search giant has so far contributed over 20 million...