Your Raspberry Pi 3 can now provide vital sign monitoring

Raspberry Pi 3 to monitor vital signs


Bangalore-based hardware startup ProtoCentral has launched a multi-parameter patient monitoring add-on for Raspberry Pi 3. Called HealthyPi, the new development offers you a completely open source solution for vital sign monitoring.

The HealthyPi board comes with Atmel ATSAMD21 Cortex-M0 MCU that is compatible with Arduino Zero, ECG and respiration front-end with SNR of 107dB. Additionally, there is a pulse oximetry front-end along with an LED driver and 22-bit ADC. The board includes a three electrode cable that has a button and stereo connector.

Through the available 40-pin header connector, HealthyPi can connect with your Raspberry Pi 3. Also, there is a USB CDC device interface and UART connector that enables connectivity with an external blood pressure module.

It is worth noting here that the HealthyPi board is yet to receive an approval from FDA. This means that it cannot be used in countries where medical facilities are regulated.

DIY HAT add-on

Nevertheless, being as a DIY HAT add-on, the latest development can be used in research, education and medical device prototyping. You can build your monitoring tool by purchasing a HAT kit and HealthyPi at an as low cost as $195.


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