GitHub Enterprise users get enhanced project management



GitHub has upgraded its Enterprise package to version 2.10. The latest update has brought data tools and advance project management capabilities for enterprise customers.

Keeping the needs of enterprise customers in mind, GitHub Enterprise 2.10 supports on-premise version that can be installed on own hardware or a cloud service instances. There is a new GraphQL API helps developers build their own tools using the data by the same APIs used to build GitHub. Also, the new version includes improved project reviews using a built-in filter.

New Git LFS

The latest build brings Git LFS 2.0.0 that has introduced a file locking feature in the latest GitHub Enterprise. Additionally, the new version helps administrators organise repositories and manually add tags for easy search and discovery. The management console has also received a new feature to manually configure API rate limiting — you can easily prevent overuse of resources using the new console.

You can designate topics for adding relevant data and group repositories. Similarly, the latest Enterprise edition allows you to sort repositories by languages, project functions or responsible teams for a particular project.


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