Microsoft is now a part of Cloud Native Computing Foundation



Continuing its developments around open source, Microsoft has now joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The latest announcement comes days after the Redmond company entered the board of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

“Joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is another natural step on our open source journey, and we look forward to learning and engaging with the community on a deeper level as a CNCF member,” said Corey Sanders, partner director, Microsoft, in a joint statement.

Microsoft has chosen the Platinum membership of the CNCF. Gabe Monroy, a lead product manager for containers on Microsoft Azure and former Deis CTO, is joining CNCF’s governing board.

Led by the core team members of the Linux Foundation, CNCF has welcomed the new move of Microsoft. The non-profit organisation considers it as a “testament to the importance and growth” of cloud technologies and believes the Windows maker’s commitment to open source infrastructure as a “significant asset” to its board.

“We are honoured to have Microsoft, widely recognised as one of the most important enterprise technology and cloud providers in the world, join CNCF as a platinum member. Their membership, along with other global cloud providers that also belong to CNCF, is a testament to the importance and growth of cloud native technologies,” stated Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Last year, Microsoft became a Platinum member of the Linux Foundation that brought contributions to various open source collaborations such as Node.js Foundation, OpenDaylight, the Open Container Initiative, R Consortium and the Open API Initiative among others. The company also started supporting community-driven projects on Open Source Eclipse Foundation.


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