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Arch Linux 2017.08.01 gets official with kernel 4.12

Arch Linux

Arch Linux 2017.08.01

The Linux community has received a new Arch Linux update. Debuted as Arch Linux 2017.08.01, the new distribution comes with all new kernel 4.12.

Arch Linux 2017.08.01 release comes with updated packages and some minimal improvements for end users. There is specifically the Linux kernel version 4.12.3, which is the latest kernel in the 4.12 series. It is worth noting that the kernel and package manager of Arch is the one that makes it popular among other Linux distributions. Users need to choose from the ground up, customise the components and build a custom distro while installing Arch Linux for the first time.

Arch Linux 207.08.01 is a one-time installation for new users. Once installed, users get automatic updates on their machine each time a new release arrives in the repository. The latest Arch Linux can be installed on the machine using a bootable drive. You can burn a CD or, create a bootable drive with the available ISO file.

The ISO occupies only 516MB of disk space but is limited to 64-bit architectures. Existing users can update their current installation by running the command sudo pacman -Syu on their systems.



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