Atom 1.19 text editor gets official with enhanced responsiveness

Atom text editor

Atom 1.19

Atom developer has announced the release of its next version of text editor. Debuted as Atom 1.19, the new open source text editor update comes with an upgrade to Electron 1.6.9.

The notable change in Atom 1.19 is the improved responsiveness and memory usage. The integration of native C++ text buffer has helped a lot to smooth the overall performance and operations of the text editor. Also, the key feature of Git and GitHub integration that was introduced in Atom 1.18 is improved with new tweaks in the version1.19.

Ian Olsen, the developer behind Atom, explains that the improvements in Atom 1.19 are the new steps in the “continued drive” to deliver a fluent experience for large and small files. Large files consume less memory in Atom 1.19. In the same way, file saving in the latest Atom version happens asynchronously without blocking the UI.

Atom 1.19 comes with a full rewrite of text editor’s rendering layer. The version has restored the ability to return focus to the center. There is also an optimised native buffer search implementation that removes trailing whitespaces. The new text editor version additionally set “showLineNumbers” option to false by default.

New beta version

Atom follows the tradition of pushing the stable release along with the next beta version and has brought Atom 1.20 beta for public testing. The beta release offers better support for Git integration. Olsen has added a new API that can be used for observing dock visibility along with fixes for PHP grammar support.


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