Linux kernel 4.12 reaches end of life


Linux update

Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Harman has published the last maintenance update to Linux 4.12 series. The kernel series released in July this year has been replaced with Linux 4.13 series.

The users of Linux 4.12 are urged to upgrade to a newer kernel branch. Kroah-Hartman has issued Linux 4.12.14 as the last maintenance update in the series.

In the mailing list announcement, Kroah-Hartman has clearly mentioned that 4.12.y kernel series is now end-of-life. He further recommends all users of Linux 4.12 series to upgrade to 4.13.y series. The latest kernel series has received the third maintenance update.

“Note, the 4.12.y kernel series is now end-of-life, there will not be any more updates. Please move to 4.13.y at this point in time,” writes Kroah-Hartman in the announcement.

Linux 4.13 is the most advanced and stable kernel series available today. The final build was released earlier this month with new features and improvements.

It is worth noting here that even Linux 4.13 is going to be a short-lived branch, and the upcoming Linux 4.14 will be the newest LTS (long-term support) version.

You can expect the first stable build of Linux 4.14 in November. In the meantime, you should move from Linux 4.12 and switch to a newer version to continue work under a secured environment.


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