Adobe unlocking potential of Hadoop for Marketers


Taking the benefits of Big Data and Hadoop to the marketers, Adobe announced addition of Hadoop connector. This will add more data to what Adobe Campaign (company’s Experience Cloud), can analyze.

The addition of Hadoop via Apache Hive will bring in more data sources from kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, and mobile devices to orchestrate marketing campaigns across channels.

The company feels that marketers haven’t been able to access the true value of Hadoop data. Adobe Campaign already connects to various transactional databases, Amazon Redshift, and Greenplum. The goal will be to add more Hadoop connectors as an option into workflows across various channels without costly integration work.

Hadoop brings a valuable preposition to the emerging retail industry by adding unstructured data in Hadoop to loyalty programs.

Big data combined with Adobe Campaign would also be helpful to restaurants leveraging coupons and data mining, financial services for fraud detection, and travel and hospitality. Adobe plans to add more Hadoop distributions to Adobe Campaign over time.  Read more…


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