CloakCoin unveils the world’s safest cryptocurrency

open source

CloakCoin’s ENIGMA ensures full privacy combined with speed. By making ENIGMA freely available, CloakCoin now offers transparency to its community. Besides enabling transparency, it gives prospects the opportunity to leverage their proven payment system.

Three years of hard work, countless hours of programming, and perseverance for a shared vision enabled CloakCoin to build the world’s safest cryptocurrency.

CloakCoin’s ENIGMA protects you from access by third parties, such as hackers, official bodies or any unwanted parties. The blockchain payment system encrypts the transactions of users and prevents transaction tracking while providing secure transactions with a maximum processing time of 60 seconds.

In the time when our own privacy is being eroded day by day, piece by piece, Cloak’s ENIGMA protects your finances and transactions from sightings by unwanted parties. With the Open-Source, the team of the CloakCoin expressly declares this security. The team now stands behind the promise of making its technology freely available.

CloakCoin is busy redefining data privacy and makes its vision become reality.  Read more…


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