SalesAgility joins Open Source Initiative

In a media announcement, Open Source Initiative (OSI) announced the joining of SalesAgility as the OSI member! The OSI is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting open source software. It announced SalesAgility who are the authors and maintainers of SuiteCRM as the Corporate Sponsors.
SalesAgility appreciates OSI’s contribution to the world of open source. “We are excited to be members of the Open Source Initiative. The work the OSI has done over the last 20 years is extraordinary, and we are looking forward to collaborate together to ensure the success of open source in all fields.”
SuiteCRM is now generally acknowledged to be the world’s leading open source CRM solution. Began in 2013 as a fork of SugarCRM’s Community Edition, SuiteCRM is a completely open source CRM solution delivering all the functionality expected of an enterprise-class CRM application.
At the same time, SalesAgility, is deeply committed to open source. The company believes in the culture of co-creation inherent to open source and expected to be the future of business applications.
SalesAgility has embraced and celebrates the principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, open standards, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy, and community. These are in tandem with the values, the OSI promotes among communities of practice to drive genuine open source development.
“We’re so very pleased to have SalesAgility’s support, especially now, as the OSI enters it’s 20th year,” said Patrick Masson, General Manager of the OSI.


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