Apache Kafka New Open Source Data Management Service

Source: Company website

To lineup high amount of data streams, Instaclustr announces the launch of open source software Apache kafka to manage data services.

Apache Kafka is open-source data streaming software that aims to provide a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds. Due to the easy access of the service many of the organisations are deploying Apache Kafka for managing their high volume of data.

Features of Apache Kafka

Some special features are added to benefit the customers by providing low latency and zero downtime migration enabling no service interruption. It focuses on monitoring and alerting required to understand customer data streams. It also provides 24×7 technical support and choice of cloud provider account.

It is available for many cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud.

Along with the features it has four main categories that include storage, analytics, search and messaging. The first three are already covered with Cassandra, Spark and Elasticsearch, so messaging is the latest category added.

Idea behind launching Apache Kafka

The initial focus of the company will be on selling Kafka to Instaclustr’s 100-plus existing enterprise customers. The service would be useful for any customer building applications that need to scale and where they need a messaging system to optimise the overall architecture.It is the streaming technology of choice for applications requiring the highest levels of reliability, scale and performance.

Work have become easier and cheaper

Customers who want to align data by their own have to find experts and build a team to optimize the applications and architecture. They must be available 24×7 in case if anything goes wrong which is expensive and takes time to build. But by switching to such technology they can do it in a much simpler and cheaper way.



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