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openATTIC can Simplify Software Defined Storage for All Users


Enterprises are expanding itself to become more manageable and user friendly by adopting open source community collaboration

SUSE is contributing to the manpower, concepts and architecture of the openATTIC storage management framework to the Ceph open source project. Its main focus is to  turn it into the new default built-in dashboard for management and monitoring the Ceph software defined storage platform.

Simplifying administration for all users

Apart from flexibility and functionality the real challenge faced by Ceph is on how to simplify its administration and management. Therefore accessing the openATTIC as the default management and monitoring environment will not only help in making it more competitive among other enterprise storage offerings but also provide a common platform for future development and enhancements.

The company will continue to provide the core management expertise and developers for driving the functionality and development of the dashboard within Ceph. This provision will make the storage platform easier to administer and monitor the project users, especially those without deep command line experience.

Improve customer experience

The openATTIC management framework will enable organisations to adopt to changing business and data demands by transforming enterprise storage infrastructure with cost-efficient, highly scalable and resilient storage using commodity off-the-shelf servers and disk drives.

Current SUSE Engineering team lead for openATTIC, Lenz Grimmer stated about the  focus on both contributing to and using innovation from the community and influencing upstream to meet customer needs – ours and those of other open source providers.



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