Container Image Builder for Java Applications


Jib can enable developers to deploy, control and containerise Java apps

In order to enable developers to build Java containers with familiar tools, Google has announced Jib, an open source Java tool. It has been delineated as a container image builder that can handle the process of packaging a Java application into a container.

Asset for Java container development

Container technology aims at providing application developers a way to build, deploy and run applications irrespective of the underlying infrastructure. The announced tool has been designed to simplify containerising a Java application.

Developers said that Jib is integrated with the Maven and Gradle Java development environment. They also advocated that the tool eliminates the need to maintain a Dockerfile and create a Java Archive.

Integration and functionality

Jib can integrate with the Java build and access the information required to package the application. Contributors said that the tool can organise an application into distinct layers and rebuild only the changed layers. Additionally, it can allow developers to use declarative language and build container images.

Currently, the containerising tool is available as a plugin for Maven and Gradle and developers can use it by adding the plugin and configuring the target. It has also been released to GitHub to encourage Java development in container environments.





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