Nutanix Velocity Program for Hyperconverged Software Product


Nutanix provides product offerings for partners and enterprise IT customers by expanding partnership with Lenovo

Comprising selling processes, incentives and marketing investments, the Nutanix Velocity program is directed towards key partners focused on mid-market. As a part of the program, Nutanix has partnered with Lenovo which will provide HX product bundles for mid-market customers.

Provision of incentives

A hyperconverged software-ready product offering called Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Certified Nodes will be launched by the two companies particularly for enterprise customers. This will allow the company’s partners to build their own deployment and professional services opportunities to increase customer value on the built solutions.

The program also aims at providing the company’s partners incentives and opportunities to provide the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to customers in the mid-market segment. It is an attempt towards demonstrating how hyperconverged infrastructure may be a solution to security challenges in public cloud-only models.

Benefits likely for enterprises

The product bundles consist of a purchasing path for pre-defined bundles and various configurations. The company’s partners can use these offerings to grow their business through streamlined sizing and quoting.

The program can provide enterprises with choices of software licensing terms and conditions that are suitable for their business needs. It will also enable customers to purchase the company’s software license separately from the ThinkAgile platform and gain access to software support from its customer services organisations.

With this, the company is planning to provide rewards and incentives to partners who invest in their business. This partnership can also help develop hyperconverged infrastructure and provide offerings for enterprise IT customers.









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