The Alliance of SUSE with EQT to Operate as an Independent Business


Partnering of SUSE with EQT to enter in a green zone of profitable growth by investing in technological innovation and product expansion

SUSE announced plans to partner with EQT to continue the momentum, strategy execution and product expansion as an independent business. The acquisition of SUSE by EQT from Micro Focus is subject to Micro Focus shareholder and customary regulatory approvals that are expected to occur in early 2019. While partnering with EQT, the company is expected to make use of market opportunity both in the Linux operating system area as well as in emerging product groups in the open source space.

CEO Nils Brauckmann stated that SUSE will move to the next stage of its corporate evolution and operate globally as an independent company post-completion of the transaction. The business of the company expects staffing, customer relationships, partnerships, product and service offering, commitment to open source leadership and support for the key open source communities to remain unchanged.

SUSE has developed as a business which cemented its position as a provider of enterprise-grade, open source software-defined infrastructure and an application delivery solutions under Micro Focus ownership.

To fuel momentum along with technological advancement

SUSE expects to be positioned to further realise its potential with backing from EQT to fuel its momentum and build on the progress made under Micro Focus.

The company believes the acquisition is well timed as the market-driven need for digital transformation, open source software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and application delivery technologies are increasing. The partners are moving ahead towards the open source technologies and solutions to transform their businesses.

Further investment and support will enable the company to expand and drives its growth in core business as well as in emerging technologies both organically and through add-on acquisitions. Therefore it is positioned to capitalise on this market dynamic, creating tremendous value for customers and partners.

This open source model refers to the freedom of choice provided to customers and not just code, differentiate it in the market and has been key to its success.

SUSE and EQT together intend for strong leadership, focus on customer success and ability to partner successfully to remain in place as SUSE enters the next evolution of business.



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